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Special conbadge round!

Ok guys, I know we've been dead for awhile, hopefully I'll be able to start running things again soon :3 But in the meantime, I'm gonna hold a conbadge round!

Also, booboobunnygirl, you still owe lyenuv art from a few rounds ago. Please have it in by the end of September, or we'll have to put you on the blacklist.
Also, zeddish didn't turn in their art last round, meaning they're blacklisted. If someone could adopt sapphire_kun, it'd be much appreciated.

Conbadge tiems!

Sign ups will last until September 12th, and the round will end October 1st, since these are just conbadges, and shouldn't take too long.

Sign up for below the cut.

LJ name -
Valid e-mail address -
Have you read the rules?
Max rating(pinup, G, nude, porn, etc.) -

Character detail
Name -
Gender -
Approximate age -
Species/race/etc. -
Description(including build/height/weight/etc) -
Hair/eye color -
Personality -
Reference pictures -
Themes/suggestions -


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Sep. 7th, 2007 04:25 am (UTC)
Character detail
Name - Miw Tiramisu
Gender - girl :B
Approximate age - 21
Species/race/etc. - Nekomata
Description(including build/height/weight/etc) - Cerulean blue hair, nose, inside of mouth including tongue, pawpads, nipples and labia. White fur. Generous hips and chest.
Hair/eye color - Cerulean/green
Personality - Quirky and a bit sarcastic.
Reference pictures -
Themes/suggestions - deliciously evil!
Sep. 8th, 2007 02:50 am (UTC)
LJ name - t_e_siberius
Valid e-mail address - e.attwood@gmail.com
Have you read the rules? yes
Max rating(pinup, G, nude, porn, etc.) - pinup

Character detail
Name - Tes
Gender - Female
Approximate age - 20s-ish
Species/race/etc. - Domesticated cat
Description(including build/height/weight/etc) - Ginger tabby, around 5'6", lean build, medium chest; thick rimmed glasses, conservative feminine (not girly/frilly) clothing.
Hair/eye color - Middle back length hair slightly darker blonde than fur (dark ginger?), slight waves to curls; greenish blue eyes.
Personality - Bookish, cheerful, sweet and shy, however a bit of a know it all and cannot stand being proven wrong.
Reference pictures -
http://missylily.deviantart.com/art/Freezepops-switched-62255113 (build mainly, the colour version of this had other ideas for me)
Themes/suggestions - botany, natural sciences, autumn, farmers' market... I dunno - stuff.

haha I hope I got it all.
Sep. 12th, 2007 02:31 am (UTC)
LJ name - clockworkgh0st
Valid e-mail address - x_velouria@yahoo.com
Have you read the rules? yes.
Max rating(pinup, G, nude, porn, etc.) - pinup

Character detail
Name - Ghost
Gender - Female
Approximate age - 18
Species/race/etc. - Ringtail Lemur
Description(including build/height/weight/etc) - about 5'2 with a slightly curvy build. not heavy, but a bit of pudge in her torso & thighs.
Hair/eye color - red hair, short & choppy with layers & side-swept bangs. eye color ranges from blue/green - green.
Personality - solitary but friendly.
Reference pictures -
Themes/suggestions - something clockwork-y would be cool, but really just have fun with it. :3
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