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Hay guys!

sign ups are CLOSED!

I'll be sending out emails within the next 5 minutes.

So if you dont get anything within the hour, check your junk mails, and then if its still a know, feel free to bug me at yami_safaia@yahoo.com


I finally got into the old email account, and was able to assess whats going on with the applications. So, if I don't eat too many tacos, I'll get down to that tonight. but you know, when you give a batfox a taco...

So far we seem kindof half and half on eliminating the porns. I know theres a few of you I havent heard from! speak up! your opinion matters :D this isnt the US government!

oh! happy cinco de mayo!

ATTN: nanayena!

Many many apologies for not getting this done sooner! But you were my chosen one for April :) I hope you like it!




If you'd like the original sent to you, Email me your mailing address at: hollyann at stormpurple dot net


ATTN: The Final Flight

My email said I got you so here you go!! I'm sorry its late and a horrible horrible scan (still not sussed with this scanner thing and lack of technology)

I really hope its okay and I read somewheres that you live in the UK so if you would like I could easily send it your way if you wanted.

 I have to say I'm quite proud of this. I only had 2 colouring pens at the time but it looks kind of oldish and stuff.

May Signups!




Signups end Saturday May 5th, after I get out of work. Thats around 6pm EST.

You Will have until June 1st to complete your art for this round, do not participate if you KNOW you have more important things to do.

LJ name -
Valid e-mail address -
Have you read the rules?
Max rating(pinup, G, nude, porn, etc.) -

Character detail
Name -
Gender -
Approximate age -
Species/race/etc. -
Description(including build/height/weight/etc) -
Hair/eye color -
Personality -
Partner(s) -
Sexual info(if it applies) -
Reference pictures -
Themes/suggestions -
Location Reference pictures-

Art due, and some changes! PLZ read guys!

Hay guys!

I didn't want it to come to this, but it seems we've got 4 people missing their art for April, I understand things happen, and you all have lives outside the interbutt, but if you know that you've got some mondo-important thing besides QX due at the end of the month, you should'nt sign up. We'll still be here. Its ok. Take the next month instead.

I've given you guys until today, for this warning, and you know what, if you can get your art in before tommorrow midnight, I WON'T blacklist you guys. But you're not allowed to participate next round. Sit it out, take a break, and come back in June. That's all I have to say. Sorry guys.

Here's the folks this applies to:

SO, we need a volunteer for:

The other 3 are our people who didn't turn in, so it cancels out.


Onto, some possible changes to the community.

Clawed and I will be in charge while Lyenuv sorts things out. If you need to talk to someone, feel free to e-mail us at either yami_safaia@yahoo.com (sapphire) or clawedmyart@yahoo.com (clawed). The qualitymods email still works, but I can't seem to get into it. So its a better bet to contact either of us directly.

It was brought to my attention, that as a quality community, the only thing that sets us apart from other art exchange communities, is that we have an application and a slew of good artists on our member list. Thats nice and all, but I think with everything we do, we should really push the envelope.

So the first proposed change I'd like to instate, is mandatory backgrounds. I'll include this feature in this months signup, and we'll see how it goes. This might help us keep away from the pinup type things. They're nice and all, but we should strive to improve ourselves as artists.

Now a second question! How would you guys feel if we eliminated the porn element? Porn is nice and all, but Get Yer Murr On, run by Korth, is a fantastic quality porn exchange, so I feel like we could be stealing their thunder.

Anyways! All your opinions are appreciated!

Heads up for the signup post!

I Can't Do It :(

I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to get my drawing done today. If I had a few more days, I could do it...but after completing a children's book illustration all week long (and getting countless headaches from the fumes), and bringing my folks around to different places (they were visiting us), and only getting a few hours sleep per night during the last week and a half, I'm beyond exhausted :( And I do apologize for this :(

If my chosen one doesn't mind waiting a few extra days beyond the due-date (today), I can get it done. But right now, I just feel like collapsing for about 24 hours. If this isn't alright, then again, I'm so sorry for not getting it done on time :(


ATTN: sistersunshine

i don't know how to LJ cut on this computer. aaaand there is no photoshop, so it will be rescanned tomorrow, just wanted to be sure i got it in.

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happy spring.