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3: I'm a bad, bad mod.

I'm so sorry, clockworkgh0st! I dont really have an excuse as to why I haven't finished your badge yet ): But I will get it done in a day or two, been a bit busy D: I'm gonna be blacklisting myself until then, too.

Also going on the blacklist are zeddish and booboobunnygirl, for not finishing their chosens art.

Interest in the community seems pretty down, too. Is there any interest in running monthly rounds again? I'm able to run them again, finally in a stable place to live again, so if you guys want me to put up a roll call, I can :3

ATTN: Lyenuv

Alright I finished your badge. I realized much to my shame that I misspelled your name o.o
all too late. It can potentially be scavenged... or compensated. *dies*
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The round ends on October first, guys!

E-mails out!

E-mails are out :3 Kinda disappointed we only got three participants this month, though I'm happy that two of them are new!

Round ends on the 1st!


E-mails for the conbadge round are going out tonight, so if you want to join, do it now!


Special conbadge round!

Ok guys, I know we've been dead for awhile, hopefully I'll be able to start running things again soon :3 But in the meantime, I'm gonna hold a conbadge round!

Also, booboobunnygirl, you still owe lyenuv art from a few rounds ago. Please have it in by the end of September, or we'll have to put you on the blacklist.
Also, zeddish didn't turn in their art last round, meaning they're blacklisted. If someone could adopt sapphire_kun, it'd be much appreciated.

Conbadge tiems!

Sign ups will last until September 12th, and the round will end October 1st, since these are just conbadges, and shouldn't take too long.

Sign up for below the cut.
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Hey clawed_my_face!!!

I feel SO BAD about taking so long to turn this in!!!!
I seriously had the hardest time figuring out how to do this...but I really hope you like it...
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hay sistah sunshine!

I got you this month!!

I had a LOT of fun with your theme <3 I hope you likes!

also, would you mind if I sold prints of this pic at AC and the like?


Jun. 9th, 2007

Hay guys,

We had 3 people turn in, and 3 people including myself, not turn in. since thats 50/50 I'm extending the deadline to one more day, I'll close the round sometime tomorrow night. If you object, please let me know.

Since we cut so much into June, would you guys like to still do a round for June, but make it a conbadge round?

And for the special conbadge round I will let anyone participate, even our blacklisted members. But that doesnt get you off the hook, to participate in future normal rounds you still have to make up your art.