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An art exchange community for intermediate artists
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~~Description and rules currently pending and are subject to change~~

An art exchange community, much like the others, but with an emphasis on quality. We dont demand perfection, but we do require basic anatomy skills in order to participate. Rounds are about once a month, and you'll have at least 20 days to finish your drawing.

We ask that artists wishing to join post an application in this journal.

sapphire_kun, clawed_my_face and lyenuv will go through your application and either approve or reject it. Approved applicants will recieve an invite to the community shortly after being approved.

This community is not anthropomorphic specific, though undoubtably most of our participants draw mostly anthro. We allow Anthro's, Humans, Quadrapedal animals, and the like :3

Ratings. We allow ratings of any kind on Qualityexchange, and we please ask members to adhere to them. I.E dont draw your chosen in a sexual situation unless she asks for one.

If you're not comfortable or old enough to draw sexual situations, just let us know, and we can arrange it so you won't have to draw something you don't want to.

pinkdino - For not drawing her chosen for the January round.

zeddish - For not drawing their chosen




1. Play nice with the other artists. We're all adults (or at least close enough) here, right? Be polite with eachother, and always comment on a picture someone does for you. We dont want any hurt feelings :)
2. Do try not to be late. I know shit happens, and it happens when we least want and expect it, but if there's something you know about that could impede you from finishing your chosens picture, please dont sign up. And if something unsuspected does pop up, just shoot one of us an e-mail, and we'll sort it out. But DO tell us if you are going to be late, or you'll go on the blacklist.
3. Keep up with the quality of art that you were approved on. I understand that different characters evoke different levels of inspiration, but work your best with each round! Artists whose effort slips will be put on probation for the next round they participate, and the four moderators will vote on whether or not said artist can continue participating in the community.
4. Going hand in hand with rule 3, all work submitted must be finished. Not necessarily in full color, but sketches or lineart will not be accepted. If you submit a work in inks, it must be detailed with shading and such, and pencil work must contain a lot of detail. Dont give your chosen something you wouldn't want!
5. DO comment! A comment-filled entry is a happy entry! Comment about what you like about a submission, or if you think the artist improved with the submission! Offer constructive critique if the artist asks for it, but please make it constructive. One cant gain any insight from "It looks off." or "the colors suck".